Musical Rights Pan African Society of Musical Arts Education

PASMAE's Mission is to enhance and promote Musical Arts Education throughout Africa

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The Talking Drum
Talking Drum is a newsletter disseminating articles and ideas which promote intercultural education through music, particularly in southern Africa.

Centre of Intercultural Music Arts
The Centre for Intercultural Music Arts (CIMA) is a charity dedicated to promoting Intercultural Musics and related arts.

5th PASMAE Conference
Lilongwe, Malawi
22nd - 27th July 2007

Call for Papers, Workshops and Research Posters
The Organizing Committee of the 5th Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education Conference is seeking proposals for Papers, Workshops and Research Posters. Authors are cordially invited to submit papers according to the conference themes and other guidelines. Click here for more information.

Conference theme: Musical Arts Education in Africa

Sub themes:

  • Musical Arts Education and National Consciousness
  • Relationship of Musical Arts Education with Entrepreneurship
  • Music and HIV/AIDS
  • Musical Rights
  • Social/Political Mobilization

Abstract submission deadline: 1st December 2006

Statement from the 2005-elected president

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I hope this message finds you all well. Also, I hope that those who attended the Maputo conference are reflecting on the events that delighted them so much. Perhaps you have started asking how PASMAE has contributed to your life or what special memories of PASMAE do you wish to share with music educators, traditional artists and other professional musicians within and beyond your working places. Thanks to the work of some of our members who worked hard in organizing that conference and to the various sponsors for bringing us to the conference.Read more

Robert Chanunkha
Pasmae president 2005-2007
30 August 2005

Glimpses from Maputo

Membership of PASMAE is for all who care about musical arts education and the goals of the society. By becoming a member, you will have access to the PASMAE e-mail updates, PASMAE related ativities and any discounts applicable at the appointed time.

New Publication

Edited by Anri Herbst

Emerging solutions for musical arts education in Africa offers peer-reviewed articles prepared for the Pan African Society of Musical Arts in Africa's 2003 conference held at Kisumu, Maseno, Kenya. Read more


Centre for Indigenous African
Instrumental Music and Dance Practices
(Research, Education & Performance)
for SADC countries

Fostering indigenous knowledge systems -
merging oral and literacy in global perspectives

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Norwegian Concert Institute (NCI) has secured a multi-million-rand-funding for PASMAE to establish the Centre for Indigenous African Instrumental Music and Dance Practice (Education, Research & Performance), The Centre, based in Pretoria, South Africa, is to be known by the acronym CIIMDA, and caters specifically for the South African Development Countries (SADC). The NCI has accordingly signed a contract with PASMAE to facilitate and oversee the financial accounting of the Centre on behalf of NCI. This contract is to be reviewed at the end of every year's activities, and is envisaged to directly benefit a minimum of 180 teachers and 5400 pupils within this period. Read more

Professor Meki Nzewi
President, PASMAE
30 June 2004

International Society for Music Education
Serving music educators and promoting music education world-wide

Center for Black Music Research
The Center for Black Music Research (CBMR), is devoted to research, preservation, and dissemination of information about the history of black music on a global scale.

International Library of
 African Music

The International Library of African Music holds the largest collection of traditional African music South of the Sahara. Actively involved in the development of African music. Publishes journals and offers undergraduate courses in ethnomusicology.

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