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Aim and scope

CIIMDA aims to promote and advance African indigenous instrumental music and dance performances, drawing on indigenous knowledge, philosophy, theory and practice of Mother Music to nurture musical arts education.

The Centre is based in Pretoria, South Africa, and offers intensive programmes in playing the African classical drum, bow, mbira, xylophones and other African instruments.

The performance practices offered are not only embedded in the indigenous social-cultural philosophical contexts of African music and dance, but are also explored within the context of contemporary practice: [singular otherwise the indented section does not follow logically]

Merging oral and written literacies in global perspectives

CIIMDA is the brainchild of the Pan African Society of Musical Arts Education in Africa (PASMAE). The in-service training of teachers from SADC countries is funded by NORAD through the Rikskonsertene (the Norwegian Concert Institute).

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