Letter from my reader

Please please can someone out there help me. My boyfriend has been doing payday loans for about 7 and a half years and it is driving me crazy I think it is fair for me to say it is a cult and i love him dearly and dont want him to get really hurt. His upline completly dominates what he should do with his “business” and it effects our lives. He is currently at a meeting as i type! and went to one last week I can never understand y he complains of never having money but yet can find adequete money to go to a function or to buy collectable dust carriers tapes and books!!! we argue i end up in tears as he is convinced that there is no other way to earn money! don’t get me wrong i stood buy him going to functions and listening to his upline verbally bash me about my own thoughts while he never defended me but there is only so much a girl can take. I have tried the products many of then **** and i am now thinking that i don’t really have a future with this man on account of his dominating upline. how can i make my see that we can be happy together and not be bogged down with payday. please help me

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