Statement from the 2005-elected president

::home  ::about us  ::constitution  ::reports  ::publications  ::ciimda  ::archive   Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I hope this message finds you all well. Also, I hope that those who attended the Maputo conference are reflecting on the events that delighted them so much. Perhaps you have started asking how PASMAE has contributed to your life or what special memories of PASMAE do you wish to share with music educators, traditional artists and other professional musicians within and beyond your working places. Thanks to the work of some of our members who worked hard in organizing that conference and to the various sponsors for bringing us to the conference.

The Maputo conference was oriented towards sustaining and enhancing the diversity of practice in music in classroom education and creative activities on the theme:
Music Education and African Musical Arts Practices. This orientation gave food for our minds from inspiring keynote address by Dr. Salomao Manhica, paper presentations, workshops and a collection of papers. It gave us food for our souls from the night concert the Mozambican traditional artists presented. Also, the conference gave us food for our stomach from the seafood resources of the Maputo's Indian seashores.

The month of August had been very busy for members of the New Executive Committee. Dr. Sipho Mandlazi (Vice President), Irene Soko (Secretary General), Dr. Christopher Klopper (Operations Manager) and myself (with apologies from Tiago Langa [Vice President], Adeoluwa Okunade [Vice President] and Jocye Nyirenda [Assistant General Secretary]) had an official meeting at the Centre for Indigenous African Instrumental Music and Dance (CIIMDA) in Pretoria, on 11/08/05, together with the former PASMAE President, Professor Meki Nzewi. On the same day, we had another meeting with Professor Caroline van Nierkek, the former PASMAE Secretary General. From the outcome of the two meetings, I can report that the affairs of our Society are in the excellent hands.

PASMAE has teething problems, one of which has been inadequate finances for its operations and book publication. This cannot give us all confidence about the future and cannot allow us to develop the kinds of services our members want and need. One service we can provide is to share with our members examples of good practice in music in classroom education and creative activities through website, newsletters, publications and conferences. Such sharing is useful to professional musicians who work in and outside schools. I hope that all of us, friends and other professional musicians in the continent of Africa- in all nations including French speaking countries- and our Affiliates within and outside Africa will be eager to join in developing and consolidating our service within the vision of PASMAE. Let us speak with, music educators, students, education authorities, traditional artists and other professional musicians from all African countries about the importance of membership and subscription in our Society.

PASMAE's value can be identified by feedback from PASMAE members who have attended the conferences over the years and who have many memories and stories to share. Therefore, I invite you to send your thoughts, your memories, photographs, anything that can assist the New Executive Committee in constructing a comprehensive story of PASMAE and one that reflects the membership at large.

Finally, I ask you to spread the word to friends and colleagues about our Society. Consider forming National Associations in your countries- associations that will be affiliated to our Society. We can achieve our potential as a continental service organization (PASMAE) for music in classroom education and creative activities if we have the attention and the support of the professionals who work in the field. Ours is the Society for mutual benefit and support, so let us bring as many as possible into the PASMAE family.

Robert Chanunkha
Pasmae president 2005-2007
30 August 2005