PASMAE's Mission is to enhance and promote Musical Arts Education throughout Africa

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Black History & Classical Music
Composers & Musicians of African Descent

The Ama Dialog Foundation is a Non Governmental Organisation pursuing research on Africa's traditional cultural arts.

The ICMF offers a platform for "cross-cultural, cross-racial, cross-social and cross-continental" creative dialogue in education and performance.

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Edited by Anri Herbst | pages | 1-920051-11-2 | ZAR 200*

Emerging solutions for musical arts education in Africaoffers peer-reviewed articles prepared for the Pan African Society of Musical Arts in Africa's 2003 conference held at Kisumu, Maseno, Kenya. Not only does this publication voice the solutions offered by 31 authors from the African continent and beyond, but it presents in a unique fashion the collective voice of the conference participants.

Musical arts in Africa: theory, practice and education
Edited by Anri Herbst, Meki Nzewi and Kofi Agawu

How are the musical arts learnt and practised? What are the imperatives of indigenous theory for playing, dancing, improvising, narrating and composing with or without notation? How are the arts integrated and what is technology's role in stimulating practice?

Musical arts in Africa: theory, practice and education is the collaborative result of 31 African music scholars from 10 different countries who draw on the multidisciplinary perspectives of musicology, composition, performing practice, ethnomusicology and education to guide contemporary reflection on these and other issues. This publication features several music examples, diagrams, tables and photographs, offering complete arrangements of songs and analysis of compositions that can be used for teaching purposes. It uses music on the accompanying double compact disc and video to illustrate concepts.

The topics covered are:
Defining and interpreting African music
Acquiring knowledge of the musical arts in traditional society
Thought systems informing the musical arts
Oral composition
Written composition
Musical Storytelling
Play in musical arts pedagogy
Dance philosophies and vocabularies
Integrating the arts and musical arts cultures
Technology in African music studies
Research-based musical arts education.

This package (a book, double compact disc and video) is a valuable resource for students and educators. It will inspire fresh discussion on the role of the musical arts in Africa and affirm – in the manner of the slit drum, one of Africa's oldest instruments of communication – African perspectives in transmitting knowledge in modern Africa.

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True to the spirit of ubuntu – an individual is only a person through other people (their communities) – this publication is a unique reflection of the essence of an overarching sub-Saharan philosophy; the contents represent a conference where papers were not presented, but where conference participants engaged to discuss solutions for the musical arts on the African continent.

While the individual voice has been given its rightful place, the collective voice represents an emergent song composed by the scholarly community in oral fashion.

This publication provides

  • insight into the problems of musical arts education in Africa;
  • solutions for musical arts education.

Sponsored by the Finnish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

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Double CD and Video

Some of the finest artists in Africa (Meki Nzewi, Andrew Tracey, Adepo Yapo, the Ngqoko Singers, Pedro Espi-Sanchis, the UCT Choir for Africa, Deepak Ram, The Tulips Choir, The Erub Choir, Franklin Larey, Mac Mackenzie, Hilton Schilder…) are featured on these recordings, presenting a programme of African classical drumming, Mouth bow playing, Mbira dza vadzimu, Overtone singing, Music from the African Diaspora, Cape Malay "Goema Jazz", South and West African compositions, Opera, various choir genres and MUCH MORE.
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PASMEC2001 Conference Proceedings

The Selected Conference Proceedings from the Pan-African Music Education gathering held in Lusaka, Zambia, from 21-25 August 2001, comprise 11 contributions, all accepted for presentation, and duly presented. It is hoped that these papers will constitute a step towards supplementing existing materials, and bring to the attention of the wider world the work of those who are toiling in the fields of African Music Education. Contact us to order the Proceedings. The Operations Manager can be contacted to put any readers in direct contact with the writer of any article included in these Proceedings.

Travelling Institute for Music Research

The Travelling Institute for Music Research in South Africa (TIMR) is an initiative of the National Research Foundation.

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa


The AEC represents the interests of those institutions, which are concerned with training for the music profession.

Dhow Countries Music Academy

The Dhow Countries Music Academy Zanzibar (DCMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in March 2001.

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