This isn’t the anti-job club!

I have a choice between owning my own business or having a job. In my own business, I’d be on call 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week. When I go on vacation, I make NOTHING, but have to continue to pay my employees. I’ve seen the schedule C of people doing exactly what I’d be doing. I’d take 2-5 years to break even, and I would be unlikely to reach my present after tax income for at least 10 years. At age 45, with a family to support, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take that kind of risk. I would be ineligible for certain investments and benefits to which I have had access in both my present position and my previous position. Yeah, I could sell the practice when I retire, but most physicians do not retire, they keep working until they drop–I wonder why?

Investments are important, but you need to have capital to invest. From where is that to come? From payday loans lender? From work! And how does that capital earn income? From other people’s work. My investments lost about 17% of their value in the last 18 months. Thank goodness for the “job”. And if it weren’t for people wanting to work at jobs, businesses couldn’t function. So don’t be so quick to bash jobs.

Of capitalism, Abraham Lincoln said, “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”


  1. Michael Hulse

    I’ve had a few experiences that where good with
    NorthMut. My friend who sold the product for a few bucks extra
    for college tuition. Most of their reps actually
    retailed the product. This neighbor down the street made
    some extra money for groceries with NorthMut. Probably
    only legitimate of investments program beside MJK
    around. Most programs including NorthMut people aren’t
    doing much retailing. Most of the products are consumed
    by the distributor force. It’s hard to make alot of
    money with NorthMut though. Strange thing is i think a lot
    of these MJK will eventually fall apart because
    there’s not much retailing. NorthMut would probably be around
    for a long time because their sale force does sell.

  2. Damon E. Pasmae

    I am not a pro-MLMer, but I can think of

    one product I have used for years at retail that is
    sold via MLM. It is a synthetic oil called Amsoil that
    performs well enough that it actually costs less to use
    their system of oils and filters than competing

    I would agree that some MLM products are good,
    though they are very few. The problem is that most are
    overpriced, and the margin from that overpricing pays for the
    big checks of the less than 1% big earners. (I think
    this is meant by Michael when she said ‘even the 1% are
    losing money’. She meant that 99% still lose money, but
    in FJK, the number of the big earners don’t even
    reach 1%. Maybe .005% or less. Gives you an idea of the
    inequity of MLM salaries)

    I think that if you spend
    for an MLM product that works, money isn’t wasted.
    The question for me should be the basic “do you need

    I don’t agree that all MLMs are scams, but most
    definitely are. I’m reading Jon S. Taylor’s report on
    Product-based Pyramid Schemes now, and I think it’s possible
    based on his suggestions to have a good MLM and payday loans lender. Only, it
    may not seem to be an MLM anymore.

    I also
    have this view that MLM is still like employment, no
    matter what the seminar people say. You sell the
    company’s products as a distributor, and if you get
    downlines, they will sell the company products, and the
    check you get still has the company’s name on it. So
    being in an MLM is still employment for

  3. Michael Hulse

    You only received half of what you read.

    I didn’t say payday loan was cheating. I said the most
    successful lenders are cheaters, and the most successful
    FJKers are also those who cheat.

    I can see how
    rumours like “all businesses fail” get started in FJKs

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