What is PASMAE?

::home  ::about us  ::constitution  ::reports  ::publications  ::ciimda  ::archive   After having been mooted at the International Society for Music Education World Conference in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1998, the Pan African Society for Music Education was formed in August 2000 in Harare, Zimbabwe. A year later, in Lusaka, Zambia, PASMAE was born, with the name change to the Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education signifying the integrated nature of music and dance and theatre in Africa.

PASMAE is affiliated to ISME, the International Society for Music Education, and in turn to the International Music Council (IMC) and UNESCO. A draft constitution was accepted in a meeting held by the general assembly in Lusaka, 2001 during the first conference hosted by ZaMEA.

What is PASMAE's Mission?

To enhance and promote Musical Arts Education throughout Africa

What are PASMAE Actions and Tasks?

  • identifying and pooling the expertise of resource persons all over Africa and beyond
  • assessing and disseminating available, relevant literature and learning materials
  • advancing the increased use as well as methodical learning of indigenous music instruments in practical music education
  • resourcing and effectively using music materials available in a community for creativity and music theory - illustrations and exercises
  • assisting the teaching and research capability of local music teachers through local, regional and pan African seminars
  • consultation and workshops
  • dialoguing with Ministries of Education as well as curriculum planners on emphasizing African music content in music education at all levels, in recognition of the centrality of music in building cultural-national identity in the global context.

Who are PASMAE's Office Bearers?

The PASMAE Executive Committee elected for the biennium 2005-2007 comprises

Robert Amos Chanunkha
Adeoluwa Okunade
Tiago Langa
Shipo Mandlazi
Irene Soko
Joyce Nyirenda
Email Address
P.O. Box 30681 LSK
South Africa
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Secretary General
Assistant Secretary General

Who supports and funds PASMAE?

PASMAE gratefully acknowledges financial support received to date from the Prince Claus Fund in the Netherlands, SIDA, and UNESCO. We are also grateful to ISME who is providing funds through a generous financial contribution from The Norwegian Foreign Ministry, MMino and Norad

PASMAE is an autonomous society, operating on a non-profit basis.

Benefit concerts and other fundraising events are held: 60% of funds generated go to PASMAE and 40% to the organising institution. On International Music Day, 1 October 2001, a successful benefit concert was held at the University of Pretoria. In April 2002 a week of festivities for the benefit of PASMAE will be held at the University of Cape Town, culminating in a grand Benefit Concert on 16 April. Other institutions are invited to organise similar benefit concerts and fundraising events.

Any further support of this fledgling society will be welcomed. Cheques can be made to PASMAE.

Bank: First National Bank
Account: PASMAE
Branch code: 252145
Account No: 62077241281
Branch: Hatfield